Going AF and Getting Baked

Many of us who drink are perfectionists and that is why we drink - To feel like we look perfect (handsome or beautiful) when we go out to social functions or to cover up what we feel are failures in our lives, be it at work, home, or school. Well, I have always been a cook, no baking for me as I always felt that following a recipe meant that I didn't have any creativity of my own. Then I noticed that in order for me to feel creative while cooking, you guessed it …I wanted a glass of wine. Now, with full disclosure, I am not what some would classify as an alcoholic, nor am I one who can't go a day without alcohol, but for some reason a day came when I just wanted to STOP. As many of you know, if you have done some research on the formation of habits, it is the release of dopamine in the brain prior to actually doing whatever it is you are going to do (i.e. pour that first glass of vino) that gives you that short lived feeling of pleasure. Once I learned about this connection (Thanks to "This Naked Mind" by Annie Grace) I felt I needed something to challenge my mind, body, and fulfill the missing dopamine rush that came along with the anticipation of having my first drink. Why not challenge myself with baking? I have been AF on and off for a while now but wanted to experiment to see if baking would satisfy my craving for perfection and hopefully provide me with the rush of dopamine that I attributed to opening a bottle of wine... all without gaining weight!. So here we go, Sept. 5, 2020 and I am going to jump right in and make a three layer chocolate cake with white frosting. I will take photos along the way and share the ups and downs that come with learning a new skill and removing an old habit. Wish me luck!

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